November 9, 2016:

I just want to let the world know I happy I am with Alex Barak in his perfection as an Immigration attorney.

I first obtained an L-1 work visa through his efforts. Then , I obtained an L-1 extension. Then, earlier this year 2016, I received my green card through his professional efforts under the Multinational Executive or Manager category. My Green card was approved through the EB-1 category in just seven months.

This guy is an Immigration law success machine. I know 4 other people who hired him and were approved for their cases, including an investor visa and family Immigration cases .

Not only did Alex Barak bring me success, I received the best and warmest, caring  service. He is the best out there. Do not waste your time with anyone else. This guy is blessed.

-Itai Ben Eli


I heard of Alex Barak for about 10 years. So many people from my country went to him and he got them approved for political asylum. It has to be at least 50 people. I have sent several of my friends to him who were also approved. I translated for several of them so that I got to know him.

I have found Mr. Barak to be an excellent writer, just exactly as what is needed in a detailed asylum case. Number one, he is 100% honest, to the core. His religious background has given him high ethical and moral standards which reflect in his professional approach to cases. He does not accept every case. If he thinks the case is not good, he will tell you.

If anyone writes a bad review of him, then it must be from a jealous competitor. He has 34+ years of excellent reputation.

Mr. Barak possesses an unwaivering devotion to his clients, his fees are fair, he treats everyone well. He treats every client as if he/she were a member of his family. He really understands persecution and is devoted to all of his clients’ success. He is also well known among his peers. If anyone needs an A+ immigration attorney, forget about anyone else, This guy is #1.

-Vadim Melik-Hovsepyan


My wife and I came to this country after fleeing from terrible persecution in our home country. We were very nervous. A friend recommended Alex Barak for our political asylum case. He gave us family-like attention and support and assured us based upon his experience we would be approved.

Once the Immigration Officer saw it was Alex Barak on the case, it was like we knew we would be approved. The Officer had great respect for him and knew he prepares and presents the best cases. We were approved and we have been able to start a great new life in America with all its freedoms.

Thanks to Alex Barak, we truly are home free! Since then, I have sent many friends to Mr. Barak. All of them were approved and thanked me for the referral. Today, Mr. Barak and I are like brothers. If anyone has any Immigration case and wants to win or to be approved, Alex Barak is the best!!

He is worth every dollar he charges. He has over 30 years experience and has the enthusiasm and energy for success in all Immigration cases.

-Sonny Avaks


I and my wife have known Alex Barak since 1998. We won a new legal life in the USA thanks to his great work in our asylum case. Since then, we probably have referred to him about 100 new cases and we only hear good news. That is the way it should be. A person with an Immigration law need goes to this great attorney and the case is approved. Blessings to Alex Barak for a long life to help more and more people.

-Igor Petrosov


I hired Alex Barak for an L-1 visa and an extension. He got both approved very fast with no problems from Immigration. I heard that L-1’s were very difficult. But he got me through very fast. Since then, I have referred three others in my business to him and all were successful as well. Your search for a great Immigration attorney starts and ends with him, Alex Barak.

-Itai Ben Eli


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