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H-1B Visa

Generally called the specialty occupation visa, I call it the university graduate visa. It can be valid for up to three years to start, extendable to six years. The current law limits to 65,0000 the number of foreigners who may be issued a new H-1B per year. These visas go very fast, opening up on April 1 of each year to commence work October 1 of each year.  This visa requires an employer to offer a job and to pay no less than what the Federal Government states is the minimum salary for such a position. Contact our experienced Hollywood and Florida H-1B Visa attorney for more information and assistance.

Many foreign students come here and obtain a B.A or B.S., then obtain a work permit for one year of practical training, and then obtain a job offer and begin with the H-1B visa, valid up to six years. Although this visa does not directly lead to a green card, successfully passing the labor certification process where there is a system of active recruitment and advertisements can lead to a green card under the category of “skilled worker in short supply.”

The H-1B job offer requires a University Diploma with a major field of study directly relevant to the job offer. Any foreign university diploma must receive a qualified equivalency certification.

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Before sending the Immigration applications out, one first must obtain a Federal Department of Labor Prevailing Wage Statement and then obtain U.S. Department of Labor clearance, called “Labor Condition Application.”  The Immigration application and all proof will be mailed by the attorney to a central immigration office for regular processing and a response can be obtained within the time guidelines given by an Immigration Service Center. There is premium processing service to which Immigration must respond within 15 days.

However, exits from the U.S. carry the burden of going to a US Embassy or Consulate abroad to obtain the H-1B visa in the passport before returning.

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