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How To Gert Green Cards Through Family Members

A  U.S. citizen can file for his/her spouse, parent and children under 21 and this category has no waiting list. It just takes the amount of for processing. If both the U.S citizen and the family member who needs the green card are in the U.S., then the entire procedure takes only four months. Contact our experienced Hollywood and Florida green card attorney for help with any green card situation.

The foreigner who needs the green card will need to provide two passport photographs, go through an Immigration medical exam and will submit for fingerprinting so the government can check for any criminal history. There will be an interview at a local Immigration office and your attorney will go with you to the interview.

If the family member is overseas, then it will take at least a year to bring them over and the client overseas will need to go to the U.S. Embassy for the interview.

The law also allows one to bring over a fiancé on a fiancé visa. Once the fiancé arrives, the couple has 90 days in which to get married and to file for the green card for the arriving fiancé, now a spouse. The arriving fiancé must either marry or return to his/her country, except if there is a claim for asylum.

A permanent resident who wishes to file for a relative will face long waiting periods. Even a U.S citizen filing for a married son or daughter, or for sister or brother, faces long waiting lists. It is better to file than not to file, no matter how long the wait is.

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