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How do I get asylum in the USA? When one’s rights concerning religion, ethnicity, nationality, political opinion or the broad-based “membership in a particular social group” are violated by his/her government or police, or when the government or police will not protect him/her from attacks by fanatics or when systematic discrimination causes severe suffering,  asylum is a possible legal remedy. Asylum is a good direction to take if you have suffered persecution or a well-founded fear of persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.


After arriving in the U.S. and applying for asylum, which generally must be filed  within one year of arrival –although special exceptions apply to those in certain non-immigrant visas — an applicant can be apply for and have peace of mind he or she has a case filed and is entitled to a work permit after waiting 150 days. With a work permit, one can receive a social security number. Interviews of cases filed in 2018 can expect to have to wait 3-4 years before an interview. There are recent promises that new cases being filed will be called must faster for interviews. Only time will tell.

An approved asylum applicant is called “asylee” which comes with a work permit. One year and one day after approval, the applicant is virtually and automatically entitled to a green card. Let our Hollywood and Florida asylum attorney assist you today.

The long waiting period for interviews is a political decision by the U.S. Government not to fund more asylum interviewing officers. The only concession the Government gives on this involves an applicant whose case is pending for more than 150 days, may apply and obtain a work permit. But despite the delays, the applicant has a pending case and is most definitely allowed to live in and travel within the United States.





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Asylum is one of the most detailed areas of Immigration law. One should be a very experienced attorney and professional level writer to handle these types of cases.

There is a mandatory interview at a specific asylum office. It is conducted in a complete confidential manner. Your attorney prepares you for the interview and will be there for you during the interview, making sure the asylum officer follows all the rules concerning interviews, which forbid an adversarial attitude. One should attempt to present medical and hospital records, arrest records, legal documents which support the claim for asylum. The U.S Supreme Court has ruled that a ten percent chance of persecution may result in a well-founded fear sufficient for asylum.

Proving the actual, exact reason for persecution or feared persecution may be impossible in many cases; hence, an asylum applicant must only establish facts on which a reasonable person would fear that the danger arises on account of one of the protected grounds. In determining whether there is a reasonable fear of persecution, the conditions in the applicant’s country of origin, its laws, and the experience of others are relevant. The applicant’s “desire to avoid a situation entailing the risk of persecution” may be enough to prove a well-founded fear and thus, establish eligibility for asylum relief.

An asylum applicant’s experience of past persecution on one of the protected grounds gives rise to a rebuttable presumption in favor of granting asylum.

Alex Barak has personally represented many, many clients in  asylum cases and interviews. His cases are presented in a professional-level of writing and organization, making it easier for the Asylum Officer to understand your case. The better your case is written, the better your chances of success. Alex Barak’s education and training as a writer gives you a big advantage when hiring him. Contact our Florida asylum attorneys today.

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