L-1A visa case conversion to a green card

A person who is a manager or an executive of a multinational company can file directly for a green card if the U.S. branch has been in business for at least a year. There is a popular procedure whereby a foreign company opens a new subsidiary in the U.S. and sends a manger to manage the new subsidiary. Then, from 1-7 years later, the U.S. company files for a green card for this manager, as long as the foreign parent and U.S. subsidiary relationship has continued.

When to file between one year and the seventh year depends on the number of employees and other financial factors. An experienced attorney can help to recommend when to file.

A shortcut to this green card category called multinational executive or manager is for a foreign company to purchase anywhere between 51% and 100% of the ownership of an American company which has at least five employees; then the newly acquired U.S. subsidiary can apply directly for a green card for the foreign manager or executive and can skip the L-1 temporary working visa.

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