Immigration Raids Result in Detainment Of Mothers And Children

Many individuals live in the United States with the relentless fear of deportation. In the event that you are faced with deportation, having the highest quality of deportation defense is essential to keeping you and your family together in the U.S. However, in early 2016, many people found themselves with little to no opportunity to defend themselves against Immigration officials.

In January of 2016, officers from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) carried out deportation raids that targeted specific undocumented immigrants throughout Texas, North Carolina, and the Atlanta, Georgia area. Officers reportedly knocked on doors and pulled women and their children from their homes to detain them. Of the 121 individuals arrested, media sources reported that 77 have been deported back to Guatemala, Mexico, or Honduras. Others are awaiting appeals hearings.

The raids targeted women and children who were caught over the past couple of years crossing the border from Central America. Most claim they fled to the U.S. due to the pervasive threat of violence in their home countries. They were processed by the immigration system and had either failed to apply for special relief from deportation or their applications had been denied, yet they remained in the U.S. Some of the women had work permits in the U.S.

Violating Human Rights

Many human rights and immigration advocacy groups have challenged the legality of the raids under the constitution, as they claim the following:

  • Officials did not have warrants to search the homes or detain the individuals;
  • Some officials did not receive proper consent to enter the homes;
  • Some officials lied to or tricked people into allowing them inside by stating they had another reason to search the home or threatening them with obstruction of justice if they refused.
  • ICE officials had women who did not read English sign important legal papers they did not understand;
  • ICE officials did not allow many individuals to exhaust options for immigration relief before detaining them; and
  • Some officials denied access to attorneys.

For those women and children who have not yet been deported, their future is unclear. Seven mothers involved in the raids have written a letter to President Obama begging him to release them from detainment while their cases proceed. These raids are only one example of how dire immigration situations can be and highlights the importance of experienced counsel in any similar situation.

Consult An Experienced Florida Immigration Lawyer As Soon As Possible

Detainment and the threat of deportation can be frightening, though returning to a country to face the constant fear of violence can be even worse. Fortunately, the assistance of a skilled immigration attorney can often improve your chances of avoiding deportation. At the Law Offices of Alex T. Barak, P.A., we protect the rights of individuals facing possible deportation, whether they are detained or not. Even if you have already have a deportation order, we can help you appeal the decision if it is less than 30 days from the decision and explore every option for possible Immigration relief. You have the right to counsel, so please call our office at (954) 399-7778 so we can begin protecting your rights today.