Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel Newspaper

Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel Newspaper

Insurance Companies Abusing Court System

September 26, 2000

The article on so-called ambulance chasing is unbalanced and misleading. As a litigator in the South Florida courts for 19 years, I have seen wide-scale abuses by insurance companies and their agents, which have robbed innocent victims of accidents of their statutory right to compensation. I have seen a major automobile insurance company seeking out innocent accident victims and sending representatives to their homes within 24 hours of an accident. These representatives misrepresent the law to these accident victims, encourage them not to hire attorneys, and some persuade the injured parties to sign away their cases for a pittance, all while these victims are under stress of their recent trauma and are on pain medication. Yet, the state of Florida refuses to ban this type of unconscionable behavior.

There are witnesses with medical degrees who spend their time collecting $750 an hour from insurance companies to testify against accident victims in court, even if their opinions are fabricated. Citizens should be aware that the State Attorney’s Office refuses to prosecute insurance company defense doctors who commit documented perjury in the courtroom against accident victims.

How can insurance companies be allowed to complain of fraud when it is committed against them, but when the fraud is committed by insurance companies on a daily basis, no one will stand up and punish these companies and their hired doctors?



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