Alex T. Barak, Attorney

Alex T. Barak was born in New York to a Polish-born father and a Russian-born mother. He is married to his first and only wife of over 28 years and has two sons, one a mechanical engineer and the other studying for a PHD in mechanical engineering. He graduated from Queens College of the City University of New York with a B.A. in English in only three years. Then, he received a scholarship and studied law – a three-year program at the University of Miami, School of Law, graduating in 1981.

Mr. Barak, the person whom will handle your case, has been licensed to practice law since 1981 and has practiced in the areas of Immigration law, business law, U.S. and international transactions, and civil litigation.

Mr. Barak has played in many competitive sports in his lifetime, and he always plays to win. As a client of his, you gain his winning attitude.

He has literally attended thousands of Immigration interviews with his clients at U.S. Immigration offices, as well as in Immigration Court. His face is familiar to countless Immigration officers and Immigration judges, making it that much easier for you to win your case.

Mr. Barak fights to the end for his clients. He calls himself the “emergency room attorney.” Just as the emergency room doctor saves lives by his quick medical decisions and treatments, so does Mr. Barak save lives in America for thousands of clients by the use of his proven 36 years of experience, strategy, and devotion, to winning every case for every client. He does not rest until you are approved or saved.

It is noteworthy that Mr. Barak by the zodiac sign is a Taurus, which has been described as productive, methodical, organized, trustworthy, loyal, thorough, patient, persistent, resourceful and dependable. An attorney with these attributes is exactly what you need and deserve!

Mr. Barak has been extensively interviewed by media locally and from over the world, including many international publications.


Why Hire Us

  • “I am the son of Immigrants and so were all my childhood friends. Helping immigrants is like helping family and friends. I will personally handle your case. You will not be passed onto a younger inexperienced attorney.
  • “I handle all forms of Immigration law, including green card cases from family members such as wives, husbands, children and parents, as well as business and investor type visas.”
  • Keep in mind, if you try to handle an Immigration case by yourself, it is like performing heart surgery on yourself.
  • Put your case in the hands of someone like me who fights for you everyday and is well known to the people who will decide your case, at the Immigration Offices and in Immigration Court before Immigration Judges.
  • There are three things in life you should never take chances with:
    • your health
    • your safety, and
    • your immigration status
  • When it comes to immigration Attorneys, experience counts. I have over 34 years of experience.
  • When you want results and personalized Immigration Law Services, call me, Alex Barak.
  • Receive the personalized service you deserve.


Alex Barak can personally help you in the following categories and more:

Investment Based Immigration:

Other Immigration Needs:

Personal Injury:


In addition to the broad range of Immigration services, Alex T. Barak also provides legal services regarding business formation, business contracts and leases, business purchases, commercial litigation and project finance. Many of you need an attorney who is versatile and experienced in all these fields for one-stop shopping. Should you have need of legal representation in areas other than those dealing with Immigration, Mr. Barak is a good person to contact. If he cannot help you for a particular legal need, he will refer you to a proven successful, very experienced, and honest fellow attorney whom he knows.

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